Academic Supervisor (in charge of recruitment and training)

1. Key Responsibilities:
  • Ensuring that daily classes can run on schedule:

- Teachers arrive on time.

- Students’ attendance is checked.

  • Dealing with student’s complaints and queries:

- Teachers’ performance

- Academic results

  • Helping teachers tackle unexpected incidents in class:

- Disciplinary issues

- Accidents

- Distributing teaching materials to teachers

- Providing teachers with class profile

  • Observing lessons and providing constructive feedback to teachers
  • Organizing placement tests
  • Collaborating with the scheduling team to assign appropriate teachers to a new class
  • Supporting the Customer Service Department in organizing new class:

- Distributing materials

- Informing course regulations

  • Conducting surveys to gain students’ feedback
  • Organizing mid-term and final tests
  • Talking to parents about students’ progress
  • Recruiting adequate teachers for the center

2. Qualifications:

  • Bachelor Degree (from the university of pedagogy or university of foreign languages, or others) 
  • Proficient at MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Being able to work under pressure
  • Being able to work in a team
  • Being well-organized
  • Being disciplined and responsible
  • Being honest, friendly and patient

3. Contact:

Phone: 0967 584 664


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